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A good after-sales service can give our customers a very good purchasing experience. It can make our customers feel satisfactory to us. A good after-sales service also can found problems and make the solution to them in time. LUPHITOUCH is a responsible factory. For each customer, no matter they do big business with us or small business with us, we all will provide good service to them. This is our operation mission. 


LUPHITOUCH's gold after-sales service includes: 

1)Communicate with customer before the shipment and help customer to select a high cost performance of shipping method; 

2)Use the best packing method to ensure the economical shipping fees and also protect the products well; 

3)After shipped out the products, we will inform customer in time and tell the express tracking number to them so that they can trace the packages; 

4)After customer received goods, follow up the goods quality timely; 

5)If the customer met some assembly problems, our engineers can provide the technique support on line or at customer's factory; 

6)If the delivered products have quality problems, and if the quality problems were really caused by LUPHI, then we can make the replacement production for customer at once and the replacement production will be at the top priority;


LUPHITOUCH's Replacement Policy for the quality problem products:

1) If the delivered samples are not OK, then we can continue to make new samples with correction on them and no any charges to customers;
2) If the delivered mass produced products are not OK, or only partial not OK, or only several pcs are not ok, if it is realy LUPHI's assembly quality issue, then we can organize the replacements production for the rejected parts at once or make the replacement production in the customer's next new order. It is based on customer's decision;
3) For the replacement production is also free;
4) If only several pcs rejected, and customer judge will no new orders for that project layter, then we can ask the customer deduct the money from the payment;
5) For the rejected products, we will also need customer to return several pcs to us so that we can make quality analysis and make Corrective and Improvement Report for them;

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